About Clasp Collection Inc.

Clasp Collection, Inc. has been the leading supplier of American-made clasps for over three decades. President and founder Daniel Matallana paved his way on to the jewelry scene with a productive mission in mind. He was determined to create an innovative line of unique clasps and offer the pearl industry an extensive variety of extraordinary clasps.

Established in 1980, Clasp Collection, Inc. remains one of the largest clasp and pearl accessory manufactures in the industry and is recognized all throughout the USA

Today. We are well known nationally and internationally for several reasons. We are intuitive, innovative, and creative. The key factor behind our success is adaptability. We follow trends, and we set trends all at the same time. We keep up to date with all types of fashion but base our clasp-making concepts on originality. We manufacture in all metals, colors, and karats.

Clasp Collection, Inc. was the first to introduce the concept of magnetic clasps in 1986. We were the first to create and launch eighteen thousand different styles that are featured on our Clasp Encyclopedia volume 5. Most of our clasps can be adapted to either Magnetic or EZ to Open Mechanisms.

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